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The goal of Manor House Creative is to help clients connect with their audience by providing creative visual solutions using an array of creative tools. In today’s market a clear creative vision is necessary for success. That creative vision includes a successful brand, a great looking logo, engaging print and digital graphic design, a functional and exciting website, dynamic video and beautiful photography.

Featured background photo - Appalachian Mountains taken June 2021

Branding & Marketing:

In a nutshell, Branding is who you are and what you sell - Your Brand! That Brand can illicit feelings of strength, reliability, excitement, comfort, excellent customer service, a product or service and more. Marketing is how you advertise and support your brand. Your marketing puzzle can be made up of many possible components to help promote your brand, i.e logo, signage, website, social media, print advertising, video . . . the list goes on depending on your strategy and market.

A great example of branding and marketing is what we do for the Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau. The brand, so-to-speak, is to inform and promote tourism in the Heart of North Carolina (Randolph County) that includes major tourist attractions such as the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, Seagrove Pottery, The Richard Petty Museum in Randleman, Kersey Valley Attractions in Archdale, & Linbrook Heritage Estate in Trinity. Here are some of those components that help support the Heart of North Carolina brand.


A logo is an essential part of your brand identity. A logo must be unique but memorable and fit into every aspect of your marketing - from digital to print and more. Through size, shape, color, symbols, & fonts your logo speaks for you 24/7 and is the fundamental visual that your company, product or service is recognized for. The following are examples of logos produced for various clients over the past 35 years.


Today a website is the lifeline to your customer in this digital age. Your website is the vehicle that informs and sells your brand to the public at large. Whether a simple one-page website or a robust selling site, your website is your digital company brochure that can be accessed via desktop or by any mobile device. Below are a few example websites created for clients.

Graphic Design:

Graphic Design comes in many different forms, but most of all, must have that balance of form and function, pleasing and enticing to the eye but engaging and creative while conveying the appropriate message using a combination of photography, color and typography. Whether it's a business card, flyer, poster, magazine ad or digital graphic your graphics should speak to people and leave a lasting impression.

Illustration & Art:

Like a great photograph, creative illustration can take a great photo to the next level or be a unique and creative work of art itself. Like graphic design, illustration comes in many forms from simple & cartoonish to multi-faceted and quite complicated and when combined with other graphic elements can create a dynamic piece of advertising. In addition, some of the art examples provided here are more personal in nature, but like illustration, can change the mood of an interior and provide character only realized by the eye of the beholder. Unique art pieces and murals available by commission.

Photography & Video:

A visual image can evoke a wealth of feelings and resonate with potential customers while supporting your message and selling your company or service. Plain and simple, a great looking photograph and an engaging video is a must in this visual world we live in.


I spent my childhood years growing up in North Jersey, Carlstadt to be exact, before connecting with my southern roots and landing in North Carolina where I graduated high school and college and married my high school sweetheart. We settled down in Asheboro and started a family and after a 20 year plus stint in Greensboro moved my agency to Asheboro in 2007. (yes, I‘m the little guy in the first photo)

Being a child of the seventies I grew up on all that great advertising, catchy jingles and stuff that just gets stuck in your head. I‘d always had an interest in art and illustration, and upon graduating high school, I saw an exhibit of poster layouts at the local Community College featuring a Rolling Stones poster a student had put together and I said "I can do that!" (okay, so that‘s just one of the influences!). So here I am almost 37 years later creating visual solutions and messaging for a host of clients big and small. The tools and methods may have changed over the years but the basics of advertising and creativity are still the same. I pride myself in quality work that‘s creative and consistent, a business partner you can count on!


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